Fixing ‘Connected, Not Charging’ Issue in a Dell PC: My Own Understanding

Fixing ‘Connected, Not Charging’ Issue in a Dell PC: My Own Understanding

It was simply one more regular night when I, asked by the need of going on the web and checking my Facebook refreshes, booted my Dell workstation. I at that point promptly associated with my Wi-Fi and began perusing and tweaking reports on the Facebook site like I would routinely do. It had been a long time experiencing updates and surfing the web next to each other that the battery of my Dell workstation demonstrated a red sign. I clearly comprehended what I should do. I quickly stopped my Dell PC’s battery charger into its charging point and into the electrical plug and afterward reclined in my seat checking refreshes once more. Shoot! I thought. It was in no under 30 seconds that I understood my PC’s battery was not charging. The red light on my workstation kept on showing up demonstrating I should either connected it to an electrical plug or shut down to spare the unsaved work.

I expelled the air conditioner connector and after that connected it back. The backdrop illumination lit up splendid, the green Drove light on the connector went ahead fine however the red light kept on showing up. I at that point tapped the battery symbol in the framework plate and there it said ‘Connected, Not Charging’. I haven’t had confronted this issue since I got this workstation and after that why today. Interested and astonished I was. I of course unplugged and stopped the charger back yet nothing occurred. ‘I am in a fix, it ought not have transpired’ I thought.

Give me a chance to reveal to you it’s a decently fresh out of the box new Dell workstation stacked with Microsoft Windows 7 and is not really 8 months old. So it ought not experience considerable difficulties like this. Incongruity was that I didn’t have another PC close by so I could deal with it. I felt miserable with my pulse going fairly down. I felt disillusioned. I shut down the PC and afterward disregarded it till next night however I couldn’t remove from issue crazy. Following day likewise I booted my workstation with the expectation that it’ll begin taking a shot at its own. A brief glitch may have caused this issue. I again connected the air conditioner connector to the electrical plug and in the charging port of my workstation yet nothing occurred. I quickly killed the workstation in the dread that the rest of the battery charge will likewise deplete out and it won’t boot once more.

I felt disillusioned once more. In any case, at that point my eyes lit up with some expectation once more. ‘Since it’s another workstation, I should call Dell and request help’, I thought. Before I called up Dell help, an idea went through my head. How about we look at the PC for the last time. In the event that despite everything it doesn’t charge, I will go to call Dell and get it fixed today. I don’t have the foggiest idea what made me think this way however I rebooted my workstation and afterward connected the charger back. Voila! My PC’s battery started to charge once more, ordinarily like it was doing from last 7-8 months. The ‘Red Alarm’ on my workstation didn’t show up this time.

My eyes lit up brilliant this time, in truth most brilliant. My pulse grabbed its pace again and the grin returned all over. Ok! At last my concern is fixed. I was upbeat and mitigated. In any case, at that point I felt eager. I figured ‘what on the earth could have caused this issue? What ought to be done on the off chance that the issue strikes once more?’ Since my PC was charging fine, I promptly associated with the Web and began mining Dell help and different networks and discussions to discover potential arrangements of this issue. Give me a chance to let you know actually that I didn’t locate any potential foundations for the issue. Be that as it may, I got a few distinct answers for fix the issue. I’m sharing a couple of arrangements here that different clients can likewise attempt.

Things you can do when looked with such issue in your Dell PC:

· In the event that your Dell PC is in guarantee, at that point call Dell help and get your concern fixed. This ought to be your first alternative, particularly on the off chance that you are bad with PCs. You can likewise convey your PC to a convey in Dell help focus and get it fixed there. I clearly didn’t get a chance to call Dell help as you can peruse from my experience. Notwithstanding, other individuals can positively practice this choice.

· If your workstation is out of guarantee, you realize that you should pay for Dell specialized help to get the issue fixed. You can attempt to make sense of the issue yourself on the off chance that you don’t need the paid help. You can begin this way:

· Check the green Drove light on the air conditioner connector. On the off chance that it’s turned on, the connector is fine and is providing power. So the issue has something to do with the charging port or the workstation itself.

· You can’t fix issue with a terrible charging port as it’s an equipment issue. The jack, whenever discovered awful by Dell specialists will be in the long run supplanted. If not secured by guarantee, you may need to pay for this.

· Before going for equipment substitution, you can attempt this. Open your workstation’s battery board and take out the battery. Press the power catch on the PC and hold it for 30-40 seconds (somewhat longer at times). Discharge the catch and after that set the battery back in the board. Close everything and after that attachment the air conditioner connector to begin charging the PC.

· I saw that this technique works the majority of the occasions for this issue. In the event that the green Drove light isn’t lit up on the connector, plug it into an alternate electrical plug. There is a probability of that specific power jack playing terrible. On the off chance that the light on the connector lights up fine in another electrical plug, it implies it is working fine and you can charge your PC.

· If the Drove light doesn’t illuminate in various electrical plugs additionally, it demonstrates an issue with the connector itself. You can get it supplanted.

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